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No More Mana!

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Harooooo [Oct. 12th, 2005|06:14 pm]
No More Mana!


[mood |gigglygiggly]

=D I can't believe this community exists!! *waves*

Ok I'll introduce now Manana-sama... cuz that's the real sama!!

How funny is mocking him ne? xDDD

[User Picture]From: fuxxtothefuture
2005-10-12 10:13 pm (UTC)
He just scratchs the guitar. Just it. And I thought it was good K for the band... but since them both play THE SAME... I thought K was going to be melodic, but not, he is rythim too... and sincerely xD the European tour... K is in the band for doing the "black metal" voices, since Mana did it for the album (officially it was Shadow X... but hey, it was Mana, we all know it), and he hadn't to break up with his voiceless role... and K is a fucking clown. He can't play while singing, and when he plays most of times it sounds completely different from what Mana's playing... and I hate him even moe because my poor Kazuno had to be in the background...
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[User Picture]From: hako_neko
2005-10-13 12:51 am (UTC)
That's true... I really hope Mana does something original for his next album. (If he does one, that lazy ass.)

I also hope that he uses more than 3 chords during a song. ._.;
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[User Picture]From: fuxxtothefuture
2005-10-13 01:15 am (UTC)
He's so boring ._. and he can do it better
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